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Welcome to the Holt Rhulain Wiki!

Welcome to the Holt Rhulain wiki, home to the fans of the High Rhulain. Before proceeding, please make sure to respect everybeast here and read the rules. We hope you have a great time here, and remember, don't break anything.

I wanted to set up this wiki to introduce all of my characters in my in-process Redwall fanfics. This site's mainly for Redwall fanfics, Redwall roleplays, just chatting. . . . the list can go on. Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 19:55, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

HR disclaimer!

This website is not certified to be free of:


Grey characters

Creatures in Bloodwrath



We are not responsible for harm induced by the preceding. Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 12:08, June 19, 2012 (UTC)

Wiki Rules

'If users on here have a problem, come to me individually and we can talk it out instead of fighting with each other. If users want to swear, I'll link you to another chat because we have a few younger users on here.

'A normal kickban lasts for a day.'

'''NO BULLYING ON HERE! I won't put up with it and I never have. If bullying happens once, the bully gets a one week ban. It happens again, you get a six month ban. It happens a third time, I bring down the BIG banhammer and you're off for good.'

Any user in any position of power whatsoever CAN NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES flaunt their heightened rights and/or use them to abuse other users in any way whatever. Doing so will result in the revocation of said powers for a starter period of three days. IF the offender infringes a second time, the period of time wherein they lose their rights will be extended twofold upon every infraction. Upon the third offense, the user WILL LOSE ALL RIGHTS CONCERNING THE FOLLOWING: editing/creating articles, participating on chat, and any other right that is seen fit for removal by the admin in charge.'

All members here get to vote on changes to the site.

We don't care who or what you believe in, but just don't go hating what other people believe; if you do, have fun being banned.

Holt Rhulain's Administrators


If you're a troll or vandal, you'll know the wrath of the Rhulain and get your tail permbanned. Once a vandal's banned, they'd better keep off if they know what's good for them. --Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 15:01, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

No trolls or vandals are allowed on this Wiki. Any troll of any kind will be permbanned without warning.


If a user makes two accounts can they please link both accounts into one page so I know who's who and don't end up banning a mate by mistake? Multiple accounts are fine on here, I just want to keep a record and make sure they're mates. People are also welcome to show their faith if they want to, just as long as no one else gets bashed.

Holt Rhulain's Official Motto

"There's the family you're born with, and then the family you choose."

Official theme song- all credit belongs to Phil Collins.

"You'll Be In My Heart"

Come stop your crying It will be alright Just take my hand Hold it tight

I will protect you From all around you I will be here Don't you cry

For one so small, You seem so strong My arms will hold you, Keep you safe and warm This bond between us Can't be broken I will be here Don't you cry

'Cause you'll be in my heart Yes, you'll be in my heart From this day on Now and forever more

You'll be in my heart No matter what they say You'll be here in my heart, always

Why can't they understand the way we feel? They just don't trust what they can't explain I know we're different but deep inside us We're not that different at all

And you'll be in my heart Yes, you'll be in my heart From this day on Now and forever more

Don't listen to them 'Cause what do they know (what do they know)? We need each other To have, to hold. They'll see in time I know

When destiny calls you You must be strong (you gotta be strong) I may not be with you But you've got to hold on They'll see in time I know We'll show them together

'Cause you'll be in my heart Yes, you'll be in my heart

I'll be there from this day on, Now and forever more

Oh, you'll be in my heart (you'll be here in my heart) No matter what they say (I'll be with you) You'll be here in my heart (I'll be there), always Always I'll be with you I'll be there for you always Always and always Just look over your shoulder Just look over your shoulder Just look over your shoulder I'll be there always.

Official Site Notice Board

I wanted to set this section up for group messages. If a user has a message the whole wiki should know about, they can post it in this section instead of using user walls for big messages and emergencies. Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 13:51, November 24, 2012 (UTC)

Friendship Poetry written by users

Though waves do crash and roll And life takes it's heavy toll

We, as family will ever be

No matter what separates us, be it land or sea!

-from Lathagarr


Mates and Matesses stay together

whether in rain wind or fire

we must band together

together we weather the fire

-from Wedgeback

Chance made us friends, hearts made us family. Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 04:00, December 30, 2012 (UTC)

Other friendship quotes and poetry:

"Friends are like rainbows, they brighten up your life when you've been through a storm, friends are like peanut butter and jelly, they always stick together"- Unknown

Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart.

The Best of Friends © Jill Wolf

The best of friends,

Can change a frown,

Into a smile,

when you feel down.

The best of friends,

Will understand,

Your little trials,

And lend a hand.

The best of friends,

Will always share,

Your secret dreams,

Because they care.

The best of friends,

Worth more than gold,

Give all the love,

A heart can hold.


We're joined in a friendship

That time cannot sever

With bonds we have built

We'll remain friends forever

We're welded in spirit

Attached by our hearts

And fused by the feelings

That friendship emparts

We're tied by emotions

Connected by dreams

Reinforced by our hopes

Unified by extremes

No longer a function

of time or of space

Our love is a substance

That life won't replace

No matter how distant

We'll always endeavour

To sense the full meaning

of Friendship Forever

"Mate and mate together act, here's my heart and here's my pact"- revised version of the Robber Foxes' Oath, invented by WildloughRhulain

I set up two HR official chats on Chatzy:




I want glitches to be posted here when found so we all know what's going on. Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 12:55, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

This isn't a wiki glitch, it's a glitch with ME: I tend to forget where the chat tab is and open more than one chat.  When I open one, it boots me out of the others. Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 14:18, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

Chat just went down. CRAP.  I'm keeping the site speeqe active. Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 22:48, January 24, 2013 (UTC)

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