Name- Nala Wildlough

Gender- Female

Age- Teenager

Species: Otter

Appearance: Nala is a slender otter maiden, with dark brown fur and one ice-blue, one forest-green eye. She wears a sky blue tunic, belted with a soft, green-dyed leather belt from which a healing pouch hangs. She has a green, leather shoulder belt, and wears a bluebell flower behind one ear.

Personality: Nala is kind and caring; but when roused by vermin can deal out a good blow. She loves to heal, and can often be seen with her best friend Banyan, son of Banya Streamdog.

Items: Her healing pouch, and an old sling given to her by her mother, called Wuppit. Also, she wears a paw bracelet of bluebell and columbine flowers.

Weapons: Her mother's sling, Wuppit, and a slim dagger with a sturdy ash handle wrapped in soft green silk. It is embellished with sapphires and has a jade pommelstone.

History: She was born to the High Queen Tiria Wildlough. She is best friends with General Tirian and Brinty, Bard of the Watermeadows.