Desdemona "Rakefang" is a black fox.

She's loyal to the Sable Quean and her horde. She's one of Vilaya's captains.

She has a tall, muscular build, ice-cold blue eyes and longer-than-usual fangs, giving her her nickname. Rakefang wears a blood red tunic and cloak, better to conceal the blood from her victims.

She goes by her main nickname more than she does her true name.

She also has a secondary nickname, "Demona".

Rakefang's weapons include a blowpipe and darts, a long-bladed dagger and a crossbow and bolts. All of her weapons are poisoned.

She despises Radlo, feeling she should be Vilaya's right paw instead because the ferret wormed her way into Vilaya's good graces without really doing anything to earn it.



Rakefang has a mate, Vince Banks, adopted son of Nikolai Banks.